Windy Day 2

Bit of a howling wind round the hills of Wakefield today, great for drying the washing (beddding washed, dried and back on!)  not too great for an asthmatic runner,epecially when no matter which way I turned the wind stayed in my face. Still I’m not one to give in easily, not with a Janathon to complete, so off I went.

I’d promised myself a nice steady run today, however the message obviously didn’t make it to my feet. Off they flew without a thought for the fact that the rest of me is still recovering from Christmas……….

5.8 miles in 49:08 mins not exactly the 10 min miles I had planned  but I ain’t complaining.

Passed only one runner today, where have they all gone, can’t still be at the sales surely!


Thinking of doing a hill session tomorrow…………….little hill though!


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  1. Richard Mann
    Jan 02, 2012 @ 21:03:43

    Well done Dawn, is was quite windy today! That’s fast though, well done indeed.


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